What to Expect

The Pretest

The pre-test is a preliminary part to an eye exam where one of the assistants aid the doctor by getting the patient ready. The pretest generally takes about 5 minutes and the patient will be asked some basic questions: What brings you in today? Issues? Allergies? Medications? Family history?

Some testing will be done depending on the patient's age and purpose of their appointment. This may include:

  • Intra ocular pressure measurement
  • Measurement of the prescription
  • Visual field
  • Depth perception
  • Colour vision

Some patients will have dilating drops instilled - which is why it is recommended to bring sunglasses to the eye appointment, since the drops will make you light sensitive.

The Exam

The doctor now sees you and will go over the information you gave in the pre test. If you were not dilated at pre test, they may instill drops at this point. The doctor will go over the basic parts of the eyes, vision, binocular testing, checking peripheral vision, measuring the prescription for the lenses, checking the health of the eye itself and most importantly patient education and management.

The doctor goes over all recommendations, the do’s and don'ts, what things can better the general health of the eye. They will send any referral letters or general ocular health reports for family doctors, especially for diabetic patients - a ocular diabetic report is sent to the family doctor.

If you were to get contact lenses - the doctor will help aid in you the best type of contact lenses for the patient; how to insert and remove them and to take care of them.